10th to 12th August 2017, The Park Plaza, Westminster Bridge, London
Day 1

Time Session
1605 – 1614hrs Welcome & Context Setting
1615 - 1624hrs Chairman’s Address
1625 – 1634hrs President’s Address
1635 – 1644hrs Guest Speaker
1645 – 1651hrs Presentation on the CREDAI – CBRE Report
1651 - 1653hrs Report Unveiling/Photo opportunity
1653-1700hrs Vote of Thanks
1710– 1800hrs Case studies by UK Real Estate developers
1710 – 1725hrs Presentation by Batter Sea Developer
1725 – 1740hrs Presentation by Canary Wharf
1740 -1747hrs Presentation on Wellness of Buildings
1755 – 1800hrs Session Feedback / Buzzer Round
1800 -1850hrs Counter Charge / Panel Discussion PE Vs Bank
1850hrs Dinner
Day 2

0925 -0930hrs Introduction to the Debate-Setting the Context by the EMCEE
0930 -1015hrs Session I: Counter Charge Social / Digital Marketing: A Boon or a bane!
1015 -1030hrs Session II : Digital Marketing - A double edge sword
1030 – 1110hrs Session III : Expert Talk Business Success Case Studies – Customer service
1110 -1125hrs Tea Break
1125 – 1210hrs Session IV: Expert Talk Emerging Trends in Real Estate
1210 -1300hrs Session V: Expert Talk
Project Funding Decoded
Strategies garner institutional funding for real estate?
1300-1415hrs Break for Lunch
1415-1457 hrs Session VI
Panel Discussion: Cost of Equity & Debt
1500-1545hrs Session VII
Expert Talk
The role of marketing when the going gets tough!
An in depth analysis into expenditure Vs returns
1550-1605hrs Tea Break
1605-1640hrs Session VIII
Expert Talk
Navigating India’s legal real estate minefield – How to avoid criminal liabilities
Day 3

0955-1040hrs Session I Motivational Speaking
1045-1130hrs Session II Expert Talk Technology as a Disruptor
1135-1145hrs Tea Break
1145-1230hrs Session III RE Pulse – OPEN HOUSE Review of Various themes of Indian Real Estate
1230-1305hrs Video Presentations on Construction Technology
1305-1355hrs Closure Discussions
1400hrs Conference ends